Laura’s financial and operations background was instrumental on many M&A projects.  She effectively supported multiple projects from due diligence through integration.

- Ned Moser, Managing Director/CFO, Hendricks Holding Co., Inc.

Wind-down or Closure Financial Management

Closing down or selling a business is never as easy as it may sound. Even after all business operations have come to an end or have been taken over by another owner, the sale of business assets and management of liabilities may still need to be handled. That’s why wind-down financial management is one of our most requested services at FBS.

We offer different wind-down services depending on your needs and situation. If you need help handling a business liquidation, our liquidation financial management provides transition support that may include help with sale of assets, interim financial management, cash flow management, contact with vendors and customers, banking relations — all aspects of the wind-down process from a business closure perspective.

If you need wind-down services in the event of selling your business, we can take over the oversight of the remaining balance sheet items for assets and liabilities. This may include management of lawsuits, worker’s compensation plans, loans, deferred compensation plans, open bank accounts, or outstanding A/R or A/P that still have to be managed and resolved. Our liquidation financial management services provide oversight, financial management and reporting of these financial “loose ends” until the business is completely dissolved.

Hiring FBS for wind-down financial management is a smart move because we’ve handled many business sales and business closures, so we know what potential issues may arise and how to handle them.

There’s no need to pay Big Four fees. Save yourself time, money and worries by choosing FBS wind-down financial management services. Contact us today to get started.