Our project portfolio (partial listing)

Tecumseh Power Company / Platinum Equity Advisors, LLC

Industry: Small Engine Manufacturing

Project Description: Divestiture from Tecumseh Products, Inc. Post-acquistion operations reporting, cash forecasting, senior financial manager, treasury. Project became a wind down. Assisted with windown and eventually took over all financial management responsibilities.

Location: Grafton, WI (corporate headquarters) / Remote

American Racing Equipment, LLC / Platinum Equity Advisors, LLC

Industry: Automotive – Custom Wheel manufacturing

Project Description: Wind-down of remaining assets/liabilities after sale to Wheel Pros.  Financial Management, accounting/bookkeeping.

Location: Remote

Direct Chassislink, Inc. / Littlejohn & Co., LLC

Industry: Logistics/ Trucking

Project Description: Carveout from Maersk Lines Limited.  Post acquisition transition and operational support; Set up Treasury and F, P & A Departments.  Set up Operations and Financial Reporting packages, Board Packages, Annual Operating Plan, Cash Forecasting, Monitor Cash, and Borrowing Base Reporting.

Location: Charlotte, NC (Maersk U.S. Corporate headquarters)

Transworld Systems Inc. / Platinum Equity Advisors, LLC

Industry: Collection Agency Services

Project Description: Post-Acquisition; Annual Operating Plan preparation

Location: Horsham, PA

International Offshore Services, LLC / Platinum Equity Advisors, LLC

Industry: Offshore Services; Construction barges and offshore support vessels

Project Description: Wind-down transition and financial management, accounting/bookkeeping.

Location: New Orleans, LA / Remote

Tribune Company Education Division

Industry: Educational Publishing

Project Description: Divestiture; Sale to McGraw-Hill Company. Preacquistion sale, due diligence, Offering Memorandum preparation suppport, Post-acquisition integration to buyer.

Location: Chicago, IL

Platinum Equity (Private Equity Group)

Industry: Boat Manufacturing

Project Description: Multiple post-acquisition projects; fixed asset verification, inventory audit, coordinate transfer of assets to new manufacturing facility.

Location: Multiple locations in Tennessee

American Slate Company

Industry: Roofing Material

Project Description: Post-Acquisition transition and integration.

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Southeastern Iowa Port Terminal

Industry: Intermodal barge and transloading facility

Project Description: Transition Interim Accounting

Location: Keokuk, IA

Amfinity Capital, LLC

Industry: Private Equity

Project Description: Interim Accounting

Location: Beloit, WI

Portfolio Wind-downs

Industry: Recycling: plastics and tires. Insurance services for Building Contractors

Project Description:Wind down financial management, accounting/bookkeeping services

Location: Remote

ABC Supply Company, Inc.

Industry: Largest distributor of exterior building products in the U.S.

Project Description: Pre-Acquisition due diligence, financial modeling

Location: Beloit, WI

ABC Auto Supply/ABC Finance, LLC

Industry: Auto Sales & Financing

Project Description: Post-Acquisition integration/financial reporting support

Location: Phoenix, AZ

American Aluminum Extrusion Company

Industry: Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Project Description: Post-Acquisition integration/financial reporting support

Location: Canton, OH, Beloit, WI

Blackhawk Transport and Logistics

Industry: Trucking

Project Description: Post-Acquisition integration/financial reporting support

Location: Beloit, Wi

Henry Technologies, Inc.

Industry: Commercial Industrial Refrigeration Systems & Air Conditioning

Project Description:Post Acquisition financial support

Location: Chatham, IL