Due Diligence and the benefit to your business model.

A key activity in M&A is due diligence. A thorough commercial, operational and technology due diligence effort is vital to help companies understand what they are buying—and create the right strategies to obtain the desired value from a deal.

Accenture Strategy helps companies address this critical challenge by providing a robust set of due diligence services. Our approach to strategic and operational due diligence is holistic—focusing not only on validating acquisition assumptions but also on providing greater insights that help enable companies to proceed confidently with subsequent integration activities. Our due diligence practitioners have extensive industry, functional and technology experience, which helps them paint a realistic and practical picture of every deal. And while Accenture Strategy does not act as a broker, provide fairness opinions, or advise on pricing or legal agreements, we work alongside financial advisors to help them to do so more effectively.

Key due diligence activities we support:

Managing the due diligence and bid process

Performing commercial/strategic, operational and technology due diligence

Defining the high-level approach for integration with a strategic acquirer

Assessing synergies and performing valuation